Welcome to American Asset Management Group, Inc. (AAMG), a state registered money manager under the investment advisory act of 1940, incorporated in 1984 and located in Rockville, MD.  Professional money managers have been around since the first meeting of brokers under New York City’s Buttonwood tree in the late 18th Century.  Previously, only multi-million dollar pension funds and extremely wealthy individuals had access to this type of expertise.  Within the last ten to fifteen years, however, the advantages of having a portfolio of securities specifically tailored to your needs have become feasible with significantly lower account minimums.  For a no obligation consultation,  contact us !
The number of professional money managers has grown significantly since the 1980s.  The competition has driven the costs associated with managed accounts down to the level of most no-load mutual funds. Is now the time for you to make the move to a Professional Money Manager?

We are an independent, fee based, privately owned money manager, and not under the control of any bank, insurance company or brokerage firm.  We are free to work as a member of your financial team along with your accountant, broker or attorney.  Our mission is to offer superior, personal service with a disciplined investment strategy.   We build and manage  stock, fixed income and balanced portfolios,  designed to meet your specific investment goals and objectives.

Whether you are an individual or institutional investor, our experienced professionals can help you achieve your financial goals through careful planning and management of your investments.  If  you are an investor with over $300,000 of available assets, you may be interested in joining our growing client family. Our Portfolio Managers follow a conservative, value oriented investment discipline. Our approach to the capital markets has succeeded in generating competitive performance returns, while taking less than the average market risk.

Read Why Hire a Manager? for a look at the advantages that AAMG can offer. Please take a minute to meet our Staff and review our Philosophy. You will soon see why an individually managed account at AAMG is the smart choice.

All information provided on this web site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell securities or to provide investment advisory services. Such an offer can only be made in states where American Asset Management Group is a registered investment advisor.