Our Philosophy

Preservation of Capital, Investing for Present and Future Income and Managing for Total Return are the cornerstones of our investment philosophy.

Since its inception, AAMG has adhered to a basic philosophy governing the management of money. Our philosophy is three-pronged.

  • FIRST and foremost, is our fundamental belief that the preservation of capital is the cornerstone of long-term growth of capital. History has proven that a conservative approach to the capital markets is the most profitable course of action over the long run. A slight under performance in an up market can be more than offset by the preservation of capital in a down market.
  • SECOND is our belief that purchasing stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, for present and future income, is a key ingredient for successful long-term performance. Study after study has proven that the majority of investment performance comes from the actual income return.
  • THIRD is management for Total Return (income plus capital appreciation equals total return). As important as income is, the opportunity for capital appreciation must not be overlooked. Continual research into the capital markets reveals where changes are taking place and where assets must move to maximize total return.