At AAMG we cater to the requirements of our clients in ways that address their unique needs and situations.  Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated team with the expertise to understand their administrative and cultural needs, whether they are individuals, families, trusts or institutions.

We are proud to be Registered Investment Advisors.  As such, we are fiduciaries who must adhere to the highest standard in the industry.  Unlike the broker-dealer world which needs only to adhere to the “suitability” standard which is often fraught with conflicts of interest,  AAMG offers an independent voice.  Our clients find great comfort in knowing that our advice, built on the prudence derived from nearly a century of market experience, is consistently in line with what is in their best interests.

Take a moment to browse through the various types of clients we serve. You will see how choosing AAMG for all or part of your professional investment management team can unlock not only your financial potential, but also your time and resources better used advancing your priorities.


  • For Profit

AAMG’s conservative and disciplined approach to asset management makes us the ideal choice as fiduciary for your company’s Prudent Reserve Fund(s).  We have years of experience in assisting corporations with providing retirement account services across multiple platforms – Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, SEP IRA, as well as 401(k) plans.  Our portfolio management team will work closely with your HR or other benefits administration professionals, and your employees to assure the ease, convenience, and performance of both your retirement plan(s) and their assets.

  • Non Profit

At AAMG we have decades of experience in handling the investment needs of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

NPOs  represent approximately 40% of AAMG’s assets under management.  Our NPO clients include a variety of 501(c) organizations.  Whether you are a trade association, think tank, house of worship or denomination, educational institution, civic or business league, or a social or recreational club, our experience provides us with an understanding of your corporate culture.  This understanding, coupled with our personal relationship with you, allows us to help you navigate the waters of committees, boards, and trustees in a way that empowers your organization.  Among the benefits of working with your AAMG team are customized reporting documents that can easily integrate with your systems and work flow, individualized values screening to protect the integrity of your organization’s mission, and board/committee education, training, and support.  As part of our ongoing commitment to serving the needs of the not for profit and philanthropic community, we proudly support and sponsor the Non Profit Cooperation Circle, LLC (NPCC).  The NPCC is a peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, mentoring, and networking group of association, foundation, and other non-profit professionals who meet regularly to learn about and discuss issues of mutual concern and importance.


At AAMG we provide investment management services to a variety of trust accounts, both revocable and irrevocable.  Our team of trust specialists assist in the development and maintenance of the Trustee Certification of Investment Powers and, in conjunction with the account custodian and trustee, diligently monitor compliance and reporting needs to maintain the integrity of the trust.  Whether your trust is a part of your current estate planning or an ongoing legacy, AAMG’s conservative and prudent investment management is ideally suited for your needs.

 Retirement Accounts

Whether your tax advantaged retirement account is a personal IRA –rollover, a part of your current employee 401(k) plan, or a corporate 401(k), 403(b) or deferred compensation plan itself, AAMG’s decades of experience in managing qualified money accounts makes us an integral part of your complete financial planning picture.  Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, AAMG is a qualified investment manager for In-Service distributions from your current 401(k) plan.  We have assisted many clients in leveraging the skills and expertise of personal money management as a powerful and effective option within the parameters of an existing employer sponsored retirement plan.  Talk to one of our team specialists to see if this is available to you or your organization.


Whether accustomed to making financial decisions or adapting to this role due to divorce or widowhood, women are a significant part of our client base.  At AAMG we understand that women bring different goals and expectations to asset management that are personal and unique to their situations.  Investment management at AAMG is a process and not an event.  We strive to develop a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and understanding.