Meet Our Staff

Gordon B. Lamb

President and Founder

Mr. Lamb is AAMG’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  As such, he is directly responsible for the supervision of all client accounts.  He possesses over forty years of experience in the securities business, having participated in debt and equity management and underwriting, as well as mergers and consolidations.    Read Full Bio



Carl C. Perthel, CMT

Senior Portfolio Manager

Carl Perthel has served as Portfolio Manager for AAMG since 2001. He lends his considerable expertise to AAMG in the areas of Sector, Industry Group and Intermarket Analysis. Carl is the author of AAMG’s STARS Methodology, an enhanced method of portfolio evaluation.  Read Full Bio




Noreen S. Miyake-Char

Director of Investment Operations

Mrs. Miyake-Char serves as Director of Investment Operations Manager and Portfolio Manager. She is responsible for the portfolio management system, trading, client portfolio accounting and reporting.  Mrs. Miyake-Char develops and maintains several security databases used in the stock selection process. She conducts the fundamental analysis of companies, the selection of securities for our clients’ portfolios, monitors our earnings calendar and compares actual with consensus reports.  Read Full Bio